Department of Computers and Informatics

The Department of Computers and Informatics (DCI) was established in September 1989 and it was based on the team of faculties and computer field experts which had been originally a part of the former Department of Cybernetis. Since that time more than 1200 graduates, and 6 PhD students have successfully finished their study at the DCI in the field of Computers and Informatics.

The Department of Computers and Informations (DCI) is the principal body of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (FEI) responsible for the education and research in the field of computer science, computer engineering and informatics. DCI offers the bachelor (BSc), master (MSc) degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics and doctoral degree (PhD) in Informatics and Automation Engineering. The main objectives in education at the DCI is to provide the students the body of knowledge and skills to be able to work in the broad domain of computer application, both as a hardware and software experts, and also to participate as members of research teams involved in the development of new hardware and/or software products in the relatively broad scale of their complexity. The faculty members of the department are recognized authors of technical books on computers, some of them issued abroad, e.g. in Russia and Canada.

The faculties belong to regular authors of scientific contributions published at scientific yournals and/or proceedings of scientific conferences at home and abroad.

The scientific research at DCI is oriented to the following computer science areas: computer architecture, theoretical informatics, formal description and specification systems, time reachability analysis, information and database systems, computer networks, computer graphics and virtual reality, CAD and CASE systems, distributive and parallel programming.

DCI has many links with the industry in the region and also in all over Slovakia. Among them the significant position is held by Informatika VS® j.s.c, Process Control VS® j.s.c., ELFA Ltd, NOVITECH Ltd, all recognized busines partners in the field of informatics and information technologies respectively.

The department and its members have been involved in many international cooperations and have established many links with universites abroad: Politecnico di Milano, Kyjev University, Technical University of Wien, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Uzhorod University, University of Oradea, Technical University of Miskolcz.

Some records of achievements of the members of the DCI staff can be mentioned here: the gold medal awarded to the DCI team at the International Fair, Brno´87 for the original solution of robot control system implemented in the robot system HYMR-50; new methodology of time reachability analysis of system based on original algorithm to solve the general reachability problem of Petri nets; original implementation of data-flow computer architecture based on functional languages.

New areas of scientific development are under way at DCI: virtual reality, information systems with massive data structures, methods of analysis of time-critical systems.

At the present time DCI conducts and participales in number of research projects granted by domastic grant agencies and also those from abroad (e.g. TEMPUS-PHARE).

In its novelty is the new postgraduate system of education.

DCI´s structure reflects new trends in computer science field, both that of education and research area respectively. DCI consits of 4 divisions

1. Computer systems and networks
2. Theory of informatics
3. Information and database systems
4. Information technologies

DCI Conducts various types of educational programs:

1. Graduate (MSc) program in Computers and Informatics oriented to Computer Systems and Networks, Information Systems and Technologies, Informatics for Management.
2. Undergraduate (BSc) program in Computers and Informatics oriented to Design and Maintanance of Information Systems.
3. Postgraduate (PhD) program in Computer Facilities and Systems, Program and Information Systems and Applied Infromatics.
4. Graduate (MSc) program in Computers and Informatics for foreign students (in English).
5. Program of continuing education (3rd age university program) in Informatics.

Future career domain of the graduates:

- designer of the computer systems in private and public sector, that are interested in the research, development, production and application of the computer systems.
- engineer for the design and operation of the computer graphics systems and CAD/CAM systems.
- software-engineer for the creation of computer configurations, installation maintenance and operating computers.
- programmer-engineer for the development and the design of sequential, distributed and parallel computer systems and the computer networks, specialized programme systems, database systems, knowledge based and expert systems, CASE systems.
- manager or member of the team for development and production of the database and information systems
- manager, adviser, dealer and distributor in the computer market.
- lecturer and/or teacher at all levels of the computer education.