Subjests delivered in 1998

        The curriculum comprises teaching units of two kinds: compulsory and electives. Students are free to choose electives, however the DCI members serve as consultants to the students on that subject. Students are advised to choose electives in the way to match one of 5 specialisations of their study. The specialisations are:

- Computer systems

- Information systems and technologies

- Informatics for the management

 List of compulsory subjects
 List of elective subjects

List of compulsory subjects

Subject                                                                         Semester              Lecturer

1st year:
Computers and their network services                           winter                    Jelšina
Programming in C language                                           summer                 Havlice

3rd year:
Logical systems                                                             winter                    Bača
Operating systems                                                         winter                    Sivý
Computer graphics I.                                                     winter                    Šujanský
Database systems                                                          summer                  Telepovská
Computer Architectures                                                 summer                  Jelšina

4th year:
Computer networks                                                       winter                    Krokavec
Peripheral systems                                                         winter                    Bača, Hauliš
Modeling and Simulation                                                summer                  Šujanský

List of elective subjects

Subject                                                                         Semester                 Lecturer

2nd year:
Machine oriented languages                                            winter                     Hudák
Programming methods                                                    summer                   Hudák
Object oriented programming                                         summer                   Havlice

3rd year:
Theoretical informatics                                                     winter                     Hudák
Functional programming                                                   winter                     Kollár
Basic principles of compilers                                            summer                   Kollár
CAD systems                                                                  summer                   Bača
Windows and Internet applications development               summer                   Ďuratný

4th year:
Computer design I.                                                           winter                      Šuba
Compiler construction                                                       winter                      Havlice
Computer construction I.                                                   winter                      Šuba
Computer graphics II.                                                       summer                   Sobota
Computer design II.                                                          summer                   Šuba
Programming languages semantics                                     summer                   Novitzká
Design of Database systems                                              summer                   Genči
Diagnistics and Reliability                                                  summer                    Bača
Modeling of Information systems                                       summer                    Krokavec
Technology of software projects                                        winter                      Havlice
Formal description techniques                                            summer                   Hudák

5th year:
Design of Computer networks                                             winter                     Jakab
Parallel Computer systems                                                   winter                     Jelšina
Design of Operating systems                                                winter                     Krokavec
Computer-Environment interaction                                       winter                     Hauliš
Parallel programming                                                           winter                     Kollár
Knowledge based systems                                                   winter                     Sivý
Quality and safety of Information systems                             winter                     Makláry
Administration information systems                                       winter                     Sivý
Information system MAGIC                                                 winter                     Házy