Valerie Novitzká

Academic degrees:
prof. RNDr., PhD.
Job Title:
Full Professor
Valerie.Novitzka at
+421 55 602 4182
+421 55 63 301 15

Technical University of Košice

Faculty of Electrical

Engineering and Informatics

Department of Computers

and Informatics

Letná 9

042 00  Košice

Slovak Republic

Consulting hours:   Thursday 09.00-11.00, room B140 - Vysokoškolská

  • Logic in computer science
  • Semantics of programming languages
  • Type theory
Research  interests
  • Categorical structures
  • Linear logic
  • Theory of programming
  • Type theory
Ph.D. students

Ing. Peter Prazňák
Ing. Pavol Macko
Ing. Emília Demeterová
Ing. Martina Benčková

Graduated Ph.D. students

Ing. William Steingartner, PhD.
Ing. Daniel Mihályi, PhD.
Ing. Anita Verbová, PhD.
Ing. Marián Jenčik, PhD.
Ing. Martina Ľaľová, PhD.

  • Research & Development Operational Program founded by the ERDF Project ITMS code: 26220120030: Center of Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Systems, 2010-2013, 2010 - 2013 - participant
  • Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for Structural Founds of EU, Project ITMS code 26220220123: IT4KT - Information Technologies for Knowledge Transfer, 2010 - 2013 - participant
  • KEGA projekt No. 050-023TUKE-4/2010 Categorical structures and their applications in computer science, 2010-2010 - project coordinator
  • VEGA projekt No. 1/0175/08 Behavioural categorical models for complex programm systems, 2008-2010 - project coordinator
  • VEGA projekt No. 1/2181/05 Mathematical Theory of Programming and its Application in the Methods of Stochastic Programming, 2005-2007 - project coordinator
  • VEGA projekt No. 1/4010/97 Formal development methods of proved correct programs written in functional programming languages, 1997-1999 - project coordinator

  • Mihályi Daniel, Novitzká Valerie: Princípy duality medzi konštruovaním a správaním programov, Equilibria, 2010, monography, ISBN 978-80-89284-58-0

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